The Gulfport Fire Department strives to provide world class educational opportunities to its members. Gulfport firefighters maintain a high level of preparedness through the training department’s efforts and personal initiative of the firefighters. In-house fire department training is provided on a monthly basis at the department level, company level, and individual level. Firefighters can take advantage of two designated training sites within the department, as well as in conjunction with other outside agencies within the community.

The largest amount of activity time that firefighters spend is conducting training to hone skills and knowledge. Each member of the department must have some knowledge of chemistry, physics, hydraulics, and emergency medicine. All of these aspects are complicated by the rapidly evolving world around us.

During the year 2016, members of the Gulfport Fire Department received training at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD, the Mississippi State Fire Academy, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Columbia Southern University, American Medical Response, and various other organizations throughout the state of Mississippi.

The total training hours documented for 2016 for the members of the Gulfport Fire Department were 45,355. This total includes over 1,000 hours of hazardous materials training and over 5,300 hours of training in emergency medicine.

The Gulfport Fire Department also provides advanced life support services to the community
through 20 paramedics assigned to 5 designated stations throughout the city. Various members of the department are certified to provide advanced level emergency medical instruction through organizations such as the National Association of EMTs and the American Heart Association. This type of instruction allows members to become new EMTs, maintain their current EMT certification, and obtain additional certifications.


For additional information, please contact Eric Valles, chief of training at 228-868-5950 ext. 6674.

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