Tac Medic

Implemented in November of 2014, the Tactical Medic Team was one of the first SWAT Medic Teams in the state that were fully integrated into the existing SWAT team. Tactical Medics provide tactical medical care in situations that are often too dangerous for non-tactical paramedics or ambulance crews.

The Gulfport Fire Department Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Team is a group Gulfport Fire Department Paramedics who have been trained specifically to accompany the Gulfport Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team and Narcotics team when they are deployed to high risk calls. Team members are all cross-certified as Reserve Police Officers and tactically trained for inner perimeter.

Each Team member is trained and armed for defensive purposes and equipped with full ALS trauma equipment and personal protective gear to deploy and perform their duties in the tactical realm. Deployment is as directed by the Tactical Response Team Commander. Team members are tactically qualified and serve as entry team members. Operational duties are such as to not interfere with their medical mission.

The mission of the Tactical Medic Program is to provide immediate, life-saving medical interventions; thereby contributing to the safety and success of the primary law enforcement mission. The team is trained in special life-saving techniques specific to the tactical environment.

Examples of missions:

  • Hostage Rescue
  • Active shooter
  • Barricaded Persons
  • High-Risk Warrants
  • Dignitary Protection Details
  • Civil Disturbances
  • Public Relations Events

Each Member of the team is a National Registered and State Licensed Paramedic.  They are required to attend an intense 5 day (100 Hour) TEMS class (Tactical EMS class) to get Tactical Medic certified.  They are also required to get 12 hours of training with the SWAT team a month.



Although their main mission is to support the Gulfport Police Department, they have also assisted ATF, CNET, MBN, and the DEA.