The City of Gulfport has several areas with the potential for hazardous materials release, whether accidental or intentional.

These areas include the Industrial Seaway, the Port of Gulfport, Gulfport/Biloxi International Airport, Interstate 10, CSX and KCS Railroads, and numerous private businesses’ throughout the Gulfport area.

The Gulfport Hazardous Materials Response Team is a special operations unit of the Gulfport Fire Department. The Haz-Mat Team consists of 52 personnel trained to the Hazardous Materials Technician I. All members of the Gulfport Fire Department are trained to the Haz-Mat Awareness level and assist the Haz-Mat Team during an incident.

The Hazardous Materials Response Team was developed in early 1999, and has continued to grow, commiserate with the changing industry.

The Gulfport Hazardous Response Teams responsibilities are to mitigate incidents involving, chemicals, toxins, flammable materials, radiological, and biological agents.

These incidents range from the minor spill, to full scale, multi agency incidents.

The Gulfport Hazardous Materials Response unit is housed in a central location within the city to provide a rapid response to any location in the city, as well as, the 6 coastal counties.